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These pages are intended to keep you informed of nutrition articles in the news and will include an element of personal interpretation of the articles as well as any ramifications for the general public as a whole.

Is Candida making your life a misery?

Finding out that you have candida can be quite a shock for many people. Although getting rid of the myriad of symptoms which accompnay Candida is an exciting prospect the road to getting rid of Candida altogether can be a very long one especially if you are facing the challenge by yourself. For years now, articles in the popular press, specialist cook-books and specialist websites have all described their own versions of the anti-candida diet. Each regime seems more restrictive than the last one. Who to believe then? What is really necessary?

My personal experience of Candida suggests that very strict anti-candida diets whilst appearing very logical, can result in misery as the patient becomes increasing depleted in every sense, nutritionally and emotionally and this makes compliance difficult and unpleasant. A couple of years ago I heard of a new concept which I found very appealing and have since adopted with my patients looking to rid themselves of Candida. Quite simply, they adopt a healthy eating, low glycaemic style of eating which cuts out refined foods and white sugars whilst allowing some low carbohydrate fruits and the occasional glass of wine or treat. It’s a regime which is much more socially acceptable and combined with a robust immune boosting and candida eradication supplement plan, good results can be achieved. To find out more about this approach please visit my website.